#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on introduction of additional military fee for Ukrainian artists touring in Russia

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Kirilenko proposed to put Ukrainian artists, who toured in the Russian Federation, in a special register, as well as to introduce for them an additional military fee.

This message was just another one in a series of news about censorship in Ukraine. You cannot listen to what you want, watch a movie you want, and, of course, say what you think in the ‘most democratic European country’. Ukraine deliberately and systematically breaks all cultural ties with Russia and introduces censorship. Beginning with the ban on the screening of Soviet films and the entry of Russian actors and artists and ending with arrests for publications in social networks.

However, this is not the limit. So, the Head of the National Council on broadcasting offers not only to penalize, but also to punish the Ukrainian artists criminally for touring in Russia, saying, it will provide real leverage on artists. And so no one thinks that this is a joke, we remind that there was unscheduled inspection of such TV channels as “Inter” and STB for showing “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” and other films that ʺthreaten national securityʺ of Ukraine on January 11.

Occasionally, scandals erupt in the Ukrainian press and dissenting voices talk about the ban of one or another film. For example, this is what happened to the series called “Svaty”. But, in general, the Ukrainian society perceives such innovations quietly, and sometimes with enthusiasm. Moreover, the Ukrainians inform on TV channels and on each other.

The Ukrainian media report that if a person speaks Russian, he can be fired according to a complaint. And although the police promise not to arrest ʺdrunks for singing Russian songs”, but the presence of denunciations is impressive.

However, this is not all. The ‘especially patriotic’ Ukrainians not only inform on their neighbors, but also can, for example, profane the monument to a Soviet soldier. Or, for example, they can participate in the act of vandalism against the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Kiev, as representatives of the “Black Committee” organization.

Paradoxically, the Ukrainians do not understand that such actions destroy, first of all, their own culture at all levels, limiting it, cutting off from a huge layer of world culture. The Ukrainian culture, as the whole state, marginalizes. Therefore, while the Russian Center of Science and Culture is being smashed in Kiev, the Donetsk People’s Republic opens the Russian Center, designed to establish new and develop already existing ties with Russia in the field of culture.

No country, no culture can exist in isolation today. Isolation automatically impoverishes any civilization. And it is impossible, taking into account the level of modern technologies. What is happening in Ukraine only shows the limitations of politicians who came to power with a village mentality, showing the most disgusting and low-lying human traits. But the price for this “revolution of dignity” is very high – not only the destruction of the statehood of Ukraine, but also the destruction of Ukrainian culture in general.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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