#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on one day in Rada with agenda for destruction of country

January 18 can justifiably go down in history as a rainy day for Ukrainian legislation and generally for the future of the whole country. For one day, the Verkhovna Rada managed to pass several laws that literally raped the law of Ukraine, and also did not pass a law that could give a chance for the survival of the ‘independent’, mired in a corruption quagmire.

This is not only about the acclaimed law on ‘reintegration’, but also unnoticed for the country the law on privatization of state property, voted for under its cover, and on the anti-corruption law that was not adopted again.

So, let’s consider the law on privatization of state property. Its essence is a significant expansion of the list of objects that can be put up for sale, a reduction in the time for putting up for sale for 2.5 times, the possibility of issuing a bank guarantee and unifying the ways of selling state property. That is, it will be easier to privatize state property, and the number of enterprises put up for sale will increase many-fold. In fact, a big sell-off of Ukraine in a short time was announced.

This bill they managed to push under the flag of the fight against Russia. After all, if you write that Russians cannot buy the state property of Ukraine, then you will not be able to object to the sale of the country, otherwise you will become an accomplice of the “aggressor country”. So, under the guise of pseudo-patriotism, Ukraine is being sold out by the criminals who broke into power.

In the best traditions of newspeak Groisman said that the law will have a positive effect for Ukraine and will attract investors to its economy. The rationale for the adoption of the law on combating corruption looks particularly cynical: “The largest sector of corruption is state-owned enterprises. Today’s legislation does not allow attracting investments to these enterprises publicly. We have two choices: either to stop corruption and launch enterprises that are technologically backward and do not make a profit. Or leave everything as is – ineffective.”

Instead of adopting an “anti-corruption” law, as the West demands Ukraine, the Rada put Ukraine on sale.

Why such a rush? The thing is that by adopting the law on ‘reintegration’, the Ukrainian authorities signed a verdict. Western partners demanded to adopt the “anti-corruption” law in order to secure their investments in their own colony. The ultimatum was exposed extremely clearly with the help of the IMF, which refused credit. Instead, the Rada adopts a warlike law on ‘reintegration, having banned the very “anti-corruption” law. This means that there will be no money from the IMF again. In addition, disobedience threatens with punishments, so the oligarchs decided to snatch more state property for themselves in the end.

Greed is always disastrous, and in the case of Ukraine it is instructive. The speed of the country’s movement into the abyss is gaining momentum.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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