#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on pensions in Ukraine or live fast, die young

According to the UN’s data, 586 thousand people residing in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics do not receive their pensions and social benefits from Ukraine. On the other hand, the Ukrainians continue to reflect upon a pension reform carried out in October 2017: not only the representatives of punk subculture will have to live fast and die young.

To understand why (despite increases in pensions) pension reform in Ukraine does not induce joy among the citizens of the country, let us take a look carefully at the changes that the reform brought to working Ukrainians once again:

  • the actual increase in retirement age is disguised as an increase in service time required for retirement;
  • another blow to teachers and doctors – deprivation of the opportunity to retire on seniority;
  • a blow to all Ukrainians, who, since achieving ‘independence’, lost their official places of work and were forced to go abroad to work unofficially.

Besides, it should not be forgotten that the increase of pensions of present pensioners cannot be called otherwise than imaginary. Because no increase can cover the inflation of the last few years.

When considering the pension reform we should not forget that the Ukrainian authorities had no task to improve the quality of life of their citizens. There was the task of preventing popular unrest and fulfilling the demands of the western curators, who cared only about personal benefit, and not about the benefit of their colony. Budget savings are the real goal of the law. And this goal perfectly fits the attitude of Ukraine to its obligations on social payments to pensioners of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Ukraine is increasingly complicating the process of receiving pensions for our pensioners, ignoring in this matter not only own legislation, but also the recommendations of Western partners. However, it makes total sense. The Ukrainian authorities know perfectly well which recommendations can be ignored and which are not. As a result, our pensioners spend their time and nerves on road trips to get their own money.

But let us return to the consequences of pension reform for young Ukrainians. It is obvious that the increase in the qualifying period of employment will lead to the fact that many people will not live up to it at all. In this case, the fixation on getting what one wants out of life will be perfectly normal, and the slogan of the punk subculture will become mainstream: live fast, die young.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy


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