#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on ‘resolute support’ of Ukraine by NATO

The Ukrainian media are full of headlines announcing Poroshenko’s trip to a NATO summit in July, continuing to create a picture of Ukraine’s support by the West. But the thing is they have to create a picture from nothing. Where was Poroshenko invited to and is NATO waiting for Ukraine?

We will not keep the intrigue and immediately let you know that we have invited the Ukrainian president to a meeting of countries that took part in “actions in Afghanistan,” as NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller put it in her interview. Poroshenko did sought invitations in the Ukraine-NATO format. However, this is hampered by Hungary, which continues to press Ukraine on the international arena, demanding to reconsider the outrageous law on education.

However, the discrepancy between the pictures in the Ukrainian media and reality does not end there. Not so long ago, Ukrainian tabloids published a number of articles with headlines proclaiming Ukraine an aspirant country of NATO. The only problem in this is that NATO has no such status. And Ukrainian politicians and the media incorrectly translated the English words “aspiration”, that is, “striving.”

Thus, NATO simply stated Ukraine’s aspirations to join the alliance. The situation turned out to be completely anecdotal, but the Ukrainian authorities quickly recovered from the experience of shame and continued to impose themselves on Western masters. And Ukraine does not even notice how embarrassing and humiliating it is.

In this context, the above-mentioned interview with Rose Gottemoeller is another flick on Poroshenko’s nose. Both a reminder of the conflict with Hungary and recommendations to deal with reforms, rather than asking for action plan for NATO membership, and many other points are demonstrative in this issue.

What does all this tell us? First of all, we must understand that Ukraine has not long been a subject of world politics, but a toy of the West in confrontation with Russia, a kind of blackmailing tool, at least a springboard, but not a partner and a full-fledged future member of the alliance. The more humiliating for Ukraine is Poroshenko’s actions, who literally begs for at least some signs of attention from NATO.

For Ukrainians, NATO’s attention only means further degradation of Ukraine’s statehood and the destruction of the country. It is not meaningless to explain what threats ordinary citizens of the country may face. Meanwhile, NATO continues to provide ‘resolute support’ (the name of the NATO operation in Afghanistan) to Ukraine.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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