#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on Zelensky’s press service’s statement about secret ‘road map’ on negotiations in Minsk

President Zelensky’s press service explains the secrecy of his “road map” with security reasons. What so they put into this concept for all remains a mystery. Ms. Mendel also reported on some incidents involving the blocking of Zelensky’s initiatives by the other side. She did not specify which side exactly. If she meant the Donbass as a party, then I again have a question: when were the first initiatives and what exactly did our representatives block?

Now we see and hear only the old, started by the previous government, hostile rhetoric in relation to the People’s Republics. I find it hard to imagine what a special thing Mr. Zelensky can offer. After all, the solution to the conflict lies on the surface: stop the shelling and begin to implement the set of measures.

However, Zelensky and his team continue to demonstrate that they are not looking for simple solutions, and perhaps are not looking for them at all. With regret we have to admit that the main strategic line of Ukraine at the negotiations remains the delay in time and the avoidance of the implementation of the Minsk agreements. In essence, Zelensky becomes a follower of Poroshenko’s policy.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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