#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on Zelensky’s statement regarding continuation of sanctions policy

During the election campaign, Vladimir Zelensky repeatedly declared his commitment to a diplomatic settlement of the conflict with the Donbass and the need to establish a dialogue with the Republics, as well as to resume relations with the Russian Federation. However, in the first days after the inauguration, Mr. Zelensky’s rhetoric changed dramatically.

Thus, at a meeting with the foreign ministers of Sweden and Poland, the newly-bred president of Ukraine expressed hope for the continuation and strengthening of the sanctions policy against Russia until Ukraine’s territorial integrity was restored and all the ‘occupied’ regions returned to it. That is, from the very first steps as head of state, Zelensky demonstrated a complete lack of political will, continuing the course of his predecessor, imposed by overseas partners.

Moreover, with this statement, Zelensky also demonstrated his disinterest in a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Donbass, making a bet on the sanctions and blackmailing policy. The attempt to put pressure on Russia, which is not even a party to the conflict, and complete disregard for the need for direct negotiations with the DPR and the LPR, is a direct indication that the new president of Ukraine is not going to change Poroshenko’s political course.

Thus, already in the first days of the presidency, Zelensky violated virtually all of his election promises, canceling out the hopes of millions of people, residents of Ukraine, who voted for changes and improvements in the situation in the country. We see that in Ukraine some puppets replaced others, and the real power there still belongs to American politicians. And one has no hopes that in this situation something would change for the better.

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