Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on amendments to Constitution and Law on Education regarding capturing of status of Russian language in DPR

Today, during the plenary meeting of the People’s Council, deputies supported the amendments to Article 10 of the DPR Constitution, according to which the Russian language is recognized as the only state language in our state. Besides, according to the provisions of the DPR Law “On Education,” training and education activities are carried out in the state language. With the adoption of today’s amendments, this would be the Russian language.

I shall note that amendments to these laws had been initiated by the DPR Head, Denis Pushilin, in accordance with his constitutional powers.

These amendments are feed on a number of objective factors: firstly, the use of the Ukrainian language has been struggling with practical implementation since May 14, 2014, when the DPR Constitution was adopted; secondly, in the context of strengthening integration processes with the Russian Federation, the use of the Russian language confirms the securing of the cultural ties of our states and will contribute to their development. On top of that, to date, a number of laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic, in particular “On the Judicial System” and “On Notaries,” have stipulated that the paperwork is conducted in Russian, which also indicates the inexpediency of using the Ukrainian language as the second state language.

It is essential that the adopted amendments do not infringe on the rights of a person and a citizen to use the Ukrainian language. Equal rights and freedoms, regardless of language and other circumstances, are guaranteed by the Constitution of the DPR – the main law of our state.

As far as education is concerned, the possibility of receiving it in the native language – which can be Greek, Ukrainian, or any other – Is preserved. The amendments adopted by no means limit the human right to use the Ukrainian language, even more so there is no prohibition – our task, as parliamentarians, is to objectively reflect reality in regulatory legal acts for the further development of the state, strengthen interstate ties and enrich intellectual culture of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

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