#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on circumstances of American airstrikes in Mosul

A so-called international coalition against terrorism, led by the United States, has carried out thousands of flights and tens of thousands of bombs have been dropped in the two and a half years. At the same time, the United States command diligently reports on minimum civilian casualties and various human rights organizations do not intervene at all.Now, according to official data, at least 105 civilians died in mid-March and 36 people were missing as a result of the coalition’s airstrike on Iraqi Mosul.

The American military recognized previously that civilians died because of their airstrikes in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and there the matter dropped — the world community brought no indictments or, at the very least, did not demand the US to avoid such mistakes in the future, except Russia. In addition, we can only guess what figures the US troops conceal from the world community.

It is hard to say how the American military managed to count 105 people because there are great restrictions on the media and journalists are not allowed in cities for their security. Major newspapers and television channels in the United States do not generally report on it and the army’s briefings are the only source of information on the military operation.

The US-led coalition includes over 60 countries nominally. But it is the American Air Force that carries out all the airstrikes. The main targets of the bombardment have been the positions of the militants of the banned ISIS group since the beginning of the military operation. However, reports of mass destruction of civilian objects have been reported on many occasions in the news feeds of many news agencies.

The fact that the victims of the American airstrikes are often civilians has repeatedly been mentioned in the Russian Ministry of Defence. Thus, on October 21 last year, an American aircraft struck a school in southern Mosul. The next day, residential areas in the east of the city were bombed and bombs destroyed houses in the north of Mosul on October 23.

So, because of the total absence of punishment for United States acts resulting in the death of innocent people in other countries, the tactics of the operation to liberate Mosul is being changed at the moment.

Donald Trump urgently needs to take his ranking. While he manages to cope with the support of the population somehow, making political points among the elite, which control the media, becomes a priority need. So-called hawks and other state-owned men in the military sphere would be glad to get a ‘green light’ for actions in the local armed conflict. And it’s quite likely that the American president made a deal with those who like to play war. The victorious storm of Mosul is a good occasion for advertising purposes, both among colleagues and in the arena. As in, Obama said and never delivered and I am a man of execution! That is why the whole world is watching how quality is changed for speed in the military operation in Mosul.

It is not surprising that with this blindness to information about the victims of American airstrikes, the West does not see the war that Ukraine is waging for the third year against the people of Donbass. Anyway, the “mistakes’, which caused the loss of civilian life are recorded in history and other political players will refer to them every time in resolving their interests not by particularly legitimate methods.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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