#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on corruption in relations between US and Ukraine

The House of Representatives of the US Congress supported the allocation of $250 million to help Ukraine in the security sector within the bill on the US defence budget for 2019. This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on its official page in the social media. According to the department headed by Klimkin, the amount of funds proposed to be allocated is $100 million more than the Americans offered to provide in the current fiscal year.

A spicy feature preceding the adoption of the bill, which, among other things, mentions the allocation of financial assistance to Ukraine for security needs, was an article published on the website of the Russian service of the BBC. A BBC correspondent reported, citing a source in Kiev, that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen secretly received at least $400,000 for organizing the meeting between Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Trump, which took place in June 2017. However, Michael Cohen was not an official lobbyist, registered in the US, and such a transaction is contrary to US law.

We can say that Ukraine and the US took a decisive step towards corruption in relations between the two countries. There is a feeling that the meaning of the word “kickback” was very quickly adopted in the United States, and perhaps that is why the amount of aid allocated to Kiev grew by as much as $100 million.

Only then should American politicians not be surprised at the level of Ukrainian corruption. After all, it turned out that it was the Americans themselves who were cultivating and encouraging this corruption in Ukraine, but fighting it only if it hindered their interests.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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