#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on difference in attitude towards industry on both sides of conflict

The largest Kharkov plant Electrotyazhmash ceases its work. The company has had problems for six months already. It will join the list of recently successful industries that Ukraine ‘buried’ over the past three years.

It is reported for the media that Electrotyazhmash is stopping its work for a month, and the plant temporarily shifts to another work schedule. That is, what is happening is preferred not to be called a stop, so as not to heat the talks. The company employs more than 4 thousand people, and highly qualified specialists, because the products of Electrotyazhmash (turbo and hydro generators, large electrical equipment) used to be exported. There are no orders, and for the time that the plant assigns to the so-called other work schedule, they are unlikely to emerge, because for such a nomenclature of the contract such orders are usually worked out over the years.

The plant last year turned 70 years old, it safely survived even the general closure of production in the 90’s. But the Ukrainian decommunization, it seems, gets to any legacy of the Soviet past. This bitter irony, of course, does not reflect the true reasons for the closure of yet another enterprise, which recently was not only the pride of Kharkov, but of the country as well. But the trend is eloquently demonstrated by ‘post-Maidan’ statistics: in recent years, such industrial giants as Azovmash, Yuzhmash, Motor Sich and others have stopped or are partially operating.

Let me remind you that it was exactly this development that was predicted in the Donbass, which opposed the association of Ukraine with the EU, pointing the deplorable situation of industrial production in Eastern Europe. Wishing to save enterprises, including our region, the Donbass rebelled against an illegal coup in Kiev. As difficult as it is today, in the conditions of being unrecognized and economic blockade, we care for the industrial heritage, we restore and launch production, all in all, we are moving in the direction opposite to Ukrainian degradation.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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