#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on how Ukrainian media cover anniversary of “Maidan”

Today, the Ukrainian media has a challenging task ahead: how to frame a defeat of the country and its citizens as a victory. The consequences of the “Revolution of Dignity” are disastrous and the media has difficulty finding encouraging arguments.

Thus, one of the newspapers focuses on the fact that “the main thing that has improved is the business situation”. But it is stipulated that it is still difficult for the economy to recover from the crisis, as economists believe that the level of 2013 will not be reached before 2020.

The most important achievements are framed as reforms, for implementation of which the IMF lends money to Ukraine. We leave behind the fact that the reforms required by the international financial organization mean massive impoverishment (for example, higher prices for housing and communal services) and a deterioration of the rights of the population, especially in the fields of medicine, education and pensions. But the IMF manages to compel Ukraine to follow their genocidal recommendations and not to give promised money. In 2017, $1 billion was transferred only in April, and the country received $8.7 billion of the $17.5 billion planned by the four-year programme. It is already clear that the next tranches are in jeopardy.

It is obvious that the bait of European integration is costly to the inhabitants of Ukraine. The visa-free regime does not attract a lot of people due to a lack of funds for expensive travel. But a labour permit in EU countries is difficult to obtain. Even so, the countries of the European Union issued almost 588.9 thousand temporary residence permits to the Ukrainian citizens in 2016, 80% of which are accounted for by Poland. The largest number of visas were given to the Ukrainians, who are ahead of Syrian citizens (348,100 permits, almost 2/3 of which were issued by Germany), the United States (250,900 permits, almost 3/4 of which were issued by the UK), India (198,400, more than 60% were issued by the UK) and China (195,600 permits, most of them issued by the UK). This data was given by the ex-Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Elena Lukash, asserting that Ukraine could be described with such statistics as an uninhabited and endangered country.

Disappointing achievements, dismal prospects. The most perspicacious Ukrainian media are beginning to write about this. But they keep quiet about what Donbass warned about it. That is why Donbass protested. Donbass has chosen another path to follow that Ukraine is trying to ban with the help of war. The civil war is another consequence of “Maidan”, the most inhumane one of all. And there is no point in pointing at the western ‘influencers’, but when the day comes they will have to answer.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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