#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on Kiev’s ranking in top ten worst cities of world

The Ukrainian authorities intend to put another gain in a jar of achievements after “Maidan”. It is about a rank of the worst cities to live in, where metropolitan Kiev jumped to the top ten of those.

However, the Ukrainian capital is not a leader from the end of the list and takes 131th   place out of 140. Nevertheless, statistics show that the rate of decline has been fastest in five years compared to the rate of other cities. The loss of 21.5% in the ranking requires some effort, which would be a hint of the interest of the Ukrainian authorities in achieving leadership as the worst city to live in.

Ukraine has long adopted the technology of black PR, thus attracting attention. Now takes the first place in the rank of the most corrupted cities, then it asks for money for army, claiming that the armed forces are in a deplorable state. Generally, it is logical that a strong army will not get money from anyone.

But Ukraine cannot surprise the world community with something positive and useful. Desperate attempts to invent an armor vest that allegedly acts as a magnet for shrapnel, or to seal the yellow-and-blue mega trident with ‘patriots’, are keep being undetected by ratings writers who are surely ‘bribed by the Kremlin’. But the Ukrainian ‘technocrats’ thought it was all right and decided that it was necessary to draw attention of adventure-seekers to the Ukrainian capital. Any fool can live in a city with good living conditions, you just try to live in extreme ones!

The Ukrainian authorities have no special need to do anything in order to be the leader in rank of the worst cities to live in. The “ATO” veterans and neo-Nazi groups would be happy to solve this problem. Give only green light to any so-called activities and institutionalize some ‘patriotic immunity’ for them. And that is when Ukraine is going to take the first positions of all kinds of anti-ratings.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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