#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on meeting of Ukrainian and American presidents on margins of NATO summit

On Thursday, July 12, during a NATO summit, Poroshenko and Trump met. On the eve of the summit, the president of Ukraine, in an article for the Financial Times, wished Trump to return Putin to the “right path”. At a press conference, the Ukrainian leader said that during the meeting with Donald Trump, the issues of “Nord Stream-2” and the promotion of reforms in Ukraine were also discussed.

We see that Poroshenko is struggling to portray himself as a full-fledged partner of the United States. Specifically, he tries to present himself to the world community as a political leader, giving advice to Donald Trump himself. However, contrary to his efforts, in the eyes of the international community, the president of Ukraine looks rather ridiculous, since everyone understands Ukraine’s dependence on the United States.

Even the deputies of the Ukrainian parliament are laughing at Poroshenko. So, for example, deputy Nestor Shufrich remembered how Trump called the Ukrainian government and Poroshenko, heading it, the most corrupt one, and that he does not understand why it is given money, which is eventually stolen. Also, the Ukrainian parliamentarian urged Poroshenko to learn from his American colleague the ability to build a dialogue with the Russian Federation, despite the existing contradictions.

The second aspect of the conversation between the two presidents concerned “Nord Stream-2”. Here the interests of Ukraine and the United States coincide, however, for various reasons. It is profitable for America to sell its own gas to Europe on the one hand, and it is important for Ukraine that the transit of Russian gas continues through its territory on the other hand. Poroshenko proposed a scheme according to which Ukraine will buy gas directly on the border with Russia. However, according to experts, in this case, European countries will have to renew agreements with Gazprom. No one will do this because of the interests of one Ukraine in Europe. Therefore, experts consider such a proposal as stovepiping with the goal of upsetting someone’s applecart when there are more significant issues on the agenda, for example, how the gas transportation system will develop and whether gas will be transited through the territory of Ukraine after 2019 at all.

Summarizing the results of the meeting, we can say that Trump met with Poroshenko based on his goals and tasks, and the advice of the president of Ukraine on how to behave at a meeting with Putin cause nothing but sarcastic laughter among the international community.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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