#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on next achievements of Ukraine at international championships

Having occupied the penultimate place in the tank competition “Strong Europe”, Ukraine has once again caused some damage to its image of the “martyr-country”. It had for a long time put on a bogus mantle of the victim to be engaged in begging from Western countries. And for this, it is necessary to regularly show the worst level in almost everything.

But the thing is that occupying the last places in various world rankings turned out to be not such a simple job. The authority of the “miserable country” hinders occupying the very last places, since its status every now and then prompts to give the “oppressed fighters” a few more points out of compassion. This is exactly what happened with the distribution of places in the Eurovision Song Contest and at the NATO tank biathlon competitions.

An ordinary European is unlikely to be able to answer the question: “What was the advantage of the Ukraine’s performance at Eurovision with the lionized portrayal of the Nazi collaborator Bandera over the performances of Spain and Germany, who took the last and the penultimate places respectively?” But if one makes a scale of funds theft rating from such events, then, of course, Ukraine will take the first place in it. Yuri Rybchinsky, the chairman of the Ukrainian jury of the international Eurovision song contest, did not hesitate to say: “I do not know where our Prosecutor’s Office is in this case, but it’s on the surface – the corruption component of this contest.”

At the tank competitions “Strong Europe” the team from Ukraine was never able to take the last place. One could ask for funding from Western partners for the modernization of military equipment. Something like, these guys are nice, but it would be good to level up the machines, and then the result will be overwhelming.

If you type “Ukraine took first place” in the web search engines, you will be offered the following options: corruption, alcoholism, mortality etc. When the British magazine Economist called the Ukrainian economy the worst in the world, Kiev swindlers organized a world tour on the sly, in which they showed their acting skills quite well for decent fees.

“To be the worst is honourable; well, and profitable.” This is the slogan of the present remnants of Ukraine. That is why the economy is being destroyed, the national wealth is being stolen and sold abroad, all references to any achievements and victories are being cut out from history, as the victorious people apriori will strive to restore the former merits, which the Ukrainian authorities do not want at all.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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