#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on Poroshenko’s meeting with Trump

Firstly, this meeting has once again demonstrated everyone that Ukraine is not an independent state. Poroshenko, in the presence of the media, warmly thanked Trump for being the main strategic partner of Ukraine, as well as for its support, with the hint that it should be a bigger one, as Ukraine is the largest country in Europe.

Secondly, it is hardly worth talking too seriously about this fleeting rendezvous as a meeting of two heads of state. It wasn’t a face-to-face meeting. Poroshenko was literally allowed to look at the president of the United States for a few minutes, as almost all Western media have written.

It is worth mentioning a few things. Neither the video nor the photo from the meeting has the flag of Ukraine recorded, not to mention its standard. Can you imagine any other president taking part in a formal meeting of heads of states without his official symbols? In addition, Poroshenko did not even unzip his jacket, sitting in the chair and realizing that he could be shown the door at any moment. And after a brief dialogue of Trump and Poroshenko, journalists began to ask the tenant of the White House not about ‘long suffering’ Ukraine and its president, but about a student who was released from Korean captivity. That is, the American press had no interest in this supposedly grand event, which was a strong indicator.

Poroshenko hardly heard what he would have liked during the visit. If it were the other way around, he would have given all the details, and there were only the general phrases on democracy, the fight against corruption and territorial integrity. After this brief meeting, being one on one with the press, the President of Ukraine did not say anything clear about the Crimea.

But the most important thing for us is that the Vice-President Mike Pence and the representative of the US State Department stated the importance of “Normandy format” and Minsk agreements after the meeting with Poroshenko. The Ukrainian guarantor also made such a declaration. It would be a good idea if he did not just repeat his patrons and imitated some work, but honour the commitments they made. After all, the past patrons from the Oval Office were more loyal to their ally, which is not the Ukrainian president for Trump’s administration.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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