#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on Poroshenko’s statement about absence of alternative to Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Pyotr Poroshenko continues repeating the theses about Ukraine’s intention to join NATO. This time, during his visit to Odessa, he congratulated those attending the 20th anniversary of the Sea Breeze drills and once again voiced his desire to shove Ukraine at the expense of the very Ukrainians into the paws of the alliance.

Without a doubt, the Ukrainian Head of State is indulging in wishful thinking. His rhetoric was already cooled at the failed Ukraine-EU summit, when representatives of France, Holland and Germany excluded the wording “European aspirations of Ukraine” from the official documentation and the final joint statement (it was absent altogether).

Of course, NATO is very interested in Ukraine, mainly because of its territorial location and border with the Russian Federation, but there is no sense in working with the official Kiev according to the rules of the North Atlantic bloc. The current puppet government will provide any keys and access to strategic objects and classified information without any problems. So NATO, just like the EU, is not interested in any ‘aspirations of Ukraine’, but in the implementation of their geopolitical plans by the hands of Ukrainians. In addition, Western curators are willing to fulfill all their large-scale projects to preserve hegemony and weaken Russia as an enemy at the expense of the Ukrainians themselves.

Such statements about Ukraine’s striving for NATO will completely lose its meaning only when Ukrainians will be able to publicly state their national interests, that the state should be built with a focus on the well-being of its citizens, and not on hatred of others.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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