#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on process of dragging Ukraine into NATO

A meeting of the Ukraine – NATO Commission, which was devoted to the 20th anniversary of cooperation, was held in Kiev. Petr Poroshenko made a lot of loud statements, the content of which was clearly interpreted as a desire and even a realization of the first steps towards Ukraine’s joining NATO. Should such events and communications be taken seriously?

I am sure they should be. History has shown that the North Atlantic Alliance, through the permissiveness and lack of any responsibility for its actions, has become very popular among all the current EU and US political elites. The alliance allows so-called hawks to conduct their military affairs and experiments with impunity in different countries and to earn good money. Politicians use NATO as an effective instrument of pressure against intractable clients or as ‘handcuffs’ for vassals in case of whims among members of the alliance. And the media is professionally manipulating NATO subjects to justify absolutely any decision of their masters.

Remembering the circumstances and the time for which the alliance managed to include Montenegro in its ranks, it was safe to conclude that NATO was interested neither the views of the inhabitants of the candidate country nor the opinion of the neighbouring countries. The announced Trump’s reformation of the North Atlantic Alliance only means its extension both in the areas of its activity (counter-terrorism, cyberterrorism) and territorially, as I told in the beginning of 2017. Also it is planned to increase the alliance’s budget with the help of participants in the process of modernization.

Commitment to get alliance’s membership has been adopted at the legislative level in Ukraine, a new NATO fund is already planned, specialized equipment for the investigation of cyber-attacks is being provided and the Ukrainian president is setting a time-frame for achieving NATO standards until 2020.

Scepticism about Ukraine’s inability to join NATO should be disregarded. Such a military bloc will not be dissolved on own free will, but it has no one to lose to at the moment. The North Atlantic Alliance, to justify its existence as a vast system, requires development, and thus expansion. Given the appetite of a military giant (70% of the world’s military expenditure), NATO is now ready to devour countries, ignoring their own rules (lack of territorial disputes of the candidate).

According to the latest polls on Ukraine’s accession to NATO, the majority of the inhabitants oppose because they are aware of the inevitability of increased confrontation with Russia. Moreover, those who do not wish to forget history, they remember the phrase of Napoleon – ʺThe people who do not want to feed their armies will be forced to feed othersʺ. Only the people of the republics, unlike their Ukrainian neighbours, were able to prevent them from becoming the ‘victim’ of the alliance. So you should not have any illusions that Ukraine will not join NATO. It will, but at the expense of Ukraine itself.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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