#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on reasons behind mass labour migration of Ukrainians to EU countries

The losses that Ukraine incurs due to the actions of the current Kiev authorities, in some respects, are comparable to the damage inflicted during its occupation by the German fascists. As is known from history, during the years of the Great Patriotic War more than two million inhabitants of Ukraine were brought over to Germany for forced labour. It was an unprecedented in its scale act of using foreign labour in the economy of the state.

Alas, the current power of Ukraine is trying not only to repeat, but to surpass this regrettable fact. According to the Center for Economic Strategy, about four million Ukrainians, or 16% of the working-age population of the country, are labour migrants. They are forced to leave their home country and work for the economy of the EU countries. And this is despite the fact that Ukraine is positioning itself as a European state.

It would seem that it is not entirely correct to compare two different situations: on the one hand, under the barrels of German automatic machines, people were forced to travel to Europe and work there on pain of death, but now people have a choice, no one forces them to go by force. However, today the fear of poverty and the lack of work with a salary that can cover the family’s expenses for life, drives Ukrainians to earn abroad almost as much as German guards.

The conditions that compel Ukrainian citizens to work in Europe were created by the Kiev authorities at the behest of their Western masters. Let us recall the notorious requirements of the IMF to increase the cost of utilities and other implementations that systematically worsen the lives of Ukrainian citizens. But now, for example, the economy of neighbouring Poland is growing because of cheap labour from Ukraine. This was stated directly by the head of the National Bank of Poland Adam Glapiński. He noted that the issue of attracting cheap labour from Ukraine is one of his priorities. The number of employed Ukrainians in the European economy is comparable to the number of people exported to Germany during the Great Patriotic War. 1 to 1.5 million of Ukrainian citizens work in Poland alone, according to the Ukrainian media, and a considerable number – without the appropriate permits.

The working conditions of Ukrainian workers do not always correspond to the promises of intermediaries. Ukrainian media also report this. Most job companies promise gold mountains to customers, but in fact people have to work in difficult conditions and receive a salary much lower than if this place was occupied by a local resident.

It turns out that the Ukrainians are again forced to develop the economy of European countries, similar to how the German fascists did during the years of occupation, but through other methods. According to the estimates of the Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, which were made two years ago, Poland needs at least five million additional employees to ensure stable economic growth. Thus, we can say that the policy aimed at creating a crisis economic situation in Ukraine, which forces its citizens to work in Europe, is carried out by the West for the sake of its own profit consciously. And the Western masters of the Kiev government will stimulate the influx of cheap labour from Ukraine to Europe with increasing power.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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