#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on signing of Steinmeier formula by Ukraine

The Chairman of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka commented on a regular meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk, which resulted in signing of the Steinmeier formula by Ukraine.

ʺThe Steinmeier formula is fundamental to the peaceful settlement of the military conflict in Donbass. Its signing by the Ukrainian side is our victory, the victory of our negotiators.

Kiev repeatedly delayed the peaceful settlement earlier. Ukrainian politicians have made loud statements about peace in recent days, but they have not taken any concrete action in this direction. Because Kuchma noted on Friday that Kiev would never agree on signing of the formula.

Unfortunately, we have no faith in Ukrainian politicians. The fact that Ukraine has put its signature on the formula does not mean that Ukrainian authorities have intention to honour their commitments by granting a special status to the Republics of Donbass through making amendments in the Constitution. Most likely, we will see another imitation of intense political activity by Ukraine.

However, there are some positive signs: Kiev has complied with the terms of a meeting of guarantor countries of the Minsk agreements. The sides agreed on the separation of forces in the Petrovskoye and Zolotoye areas along with the signed Steinmeier formula, as well as previously pre-negotiated the results of a Normandy format summit. It seems probable that Kuchma was put under enormous pressure today, and after that he endorsed all necessary documents.

Now that all the conditions of the Russian Foreign Ministry have been met, the summit of the Normandy Four may take place in the near future,ʺ the speaker of the DPR’s parliament summed up.

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