#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on Ukraine’s following conquests of leading positions in anti-ratings

Ukraine continues to take up all the top places in the world’s anti-ratings. Judging by the Petro Poroshenko’s statement, the Ukrainian army is going to win the title of the worst army in Europe, because in a short time it managed to move from the first place to the eighth.

In December 2016, Poroshenko said that “we created such Armed Forces, which are the strongest in Europe.” A little later he announced the AFU are among the top five. At the moment, the Ukrainian President has given the Ukrainian army the eighth place.

If we consider candidates of this rating in terms of servicemen’s motivation, incomes of rank and file, quality of uniform, food security, etc., then in the struggle for the last place in the European army championship this state will be second to none.

To my deep regret, Ukraine has become the leader in road deaths, as reported by the representative of the European Union Advisory Mission Gerrit Jan Van Gelder. I wouldn’t wish such leadership on my worst enemy, because we are talking about human lives, which, as a rule, are interrupted accidentally.

It seems that Western experts in the so-called black PR-technologies are dealing with Ukraine. Figurines for the worst role, the Ig Noble Prize and other shameful titles are a kind of show, to which one has either positive or at least humorous attitude. If you need to hype an absolute lack of talent and a loser, then it is simply impossible to find a better candidate than the current Ukraine. Negative PR, whatever one may say, is essentially a PR.

And since the pedestals of all the worthy ratings in the EU are already taken, the “independent” has determined the opposite direction for itself in these championships. Basically, this happened with everything. Why would the winners of the “Maidan” need a star from the sky, if the bottom is much closer?

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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