#Commentary of Vladimir Chekun on regulation of tourist activity in Republic

Work on the development of legislation in the tourist industry is currently under way. Great importance is attached to the protection of the rights of consumers and tourists, as well as the protection of conscientious travel agencies, which work in our market.

The People’s Council’s Committee on Youth, Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism has been working closely with representatives of relevant ministries on this issue in recent months. However, there is no rush, because the quality of our work will depend on the quality of services and the safety of citizens.

The essence of proposals that finalize the bill, lies in the legal regulation of relations in the tourism industry, development of the market for tourist services, as well as the protection of the rights and the legitimate interests of tourists and tourist agencies. Initiatives also deal with the operating rules of travel agencies, liability insurance of tourist activity and individual financial guarantees for consumers of tourist services.

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