#Commentary of Vladimir Medvedev on Zelensky’s new approach to repressing Donbass

‘Reintegration’ plans for Donbass reflect the fascist essence of the Zelensky team’s course, People’s Council MP Vladimir Medvedev stated in his comment with the Donetsk News Agency.

“A new approach to repress Donbass was invented at Zelensky’s. This became apparent from a letter that got leaked on the Internet, sent from the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine to the Chief of the President’s Office explaining how the Kiev security forces would behave if the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics returned to Ukraine and gained control of the border with the Russian Federation. It would seem that after the idea of fencing the region, checking residents on a polygraph, and infringing on the rights and dignity of citizens in various ways, it can’t be worse, but the Ukrainian authorities are reaching a second to none level of absurdity.

Ukrainian politicians realized their lack of backbone and decided to act more strictly. Realizing that Donbass inhabitants will not voluntarily dance to the tune of Kiev, Ukrainian policy makers are set to “reintegrate” the region by force.

When the presidential and parliamentary elections were over, Kiev forgot about peace plans and showed the true face of the Ukrainian fascist political course. They’re not going to negotiate with citizens – they are going to repress people, because you don’t need a lot of intelligence for this. But Kiev, apparently, still doesn’t understand: Donbass will never be part of Ukraine,” Vladimir Medvedev said.

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