#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on demonstration of Ukraine’s false independence

The Commander of the United States’ Army in Europe Ben Hodges spoke of today’s interaction between the US, NATO and AFU in an interview with the Internet media “Censor.NET”.

Ben Hodges made it clear that the question of the opening of the NATO’s bases in Ukraine did not arise yet. This, in the view of the American military, is not necessary because the Ukrainian side provides all the information required to the United States and NATO. He also reported unashamedly that America had provided Ukraine with almost $600 million military support, which included training and equipment, so far and there were 250 to 300 United States’ instructor soldiers at the Yavorov military site.

In other words, the United States’ Army Commander in Europe made it clear that the Ukrainian Armed Forces fully cooperated (read – obeyed to) with the United States and NATO as needed, and there was no need for the additional presence of NATO forces in the territory of Ukraine. Ben Hodges also called Ukraine the most important part of the US’s strategy towards Russia.

The following striking example, which proves the lack of Ukraine’s independence, is an evaluation commentary on the judiciary of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, posted on the official page of the United States’ Embassy in Twitter. ʺThere have been a number of strong Supreme Court nominations, but integrity concerns of many nominees remain,ʺ the post said. This conclusion was made following a statement made by the States-funded anti-corruption centre, which stated that ʺone out of four candidates for the position of judge received a negative opinion from the Public Integrity Council”.

Some may say that this is a direct interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. That would be so if Ukraine were one.

What kind of ‘independence’ there can be if the NATO’s soldiers consider themselves in at home in Ukraine and speak directly about how they use the Ukrainian army and the Donbass conflict to solve its military and political problems, declaring the country as a part of its strategy? Why do they even use the word “independence” in Ukraine when the basic justice of their country is being formed abroad? In fact, Ukraine is truly independent from freedom, in all kinds of its manifestation.

Vladislav Berdichevsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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