#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on fakes in media

Today, the problem of information security has become particularly acute. In this regard, I developed and registered in the People’s Council a draft law of the Donetsk People’s Republic “On Amendments to Article 20 of the DPR Law “On Information and Information Technologies” and the DPR Law “On Mass Media””.

This bill defines the dissemination of unreliable socially important information in the media or information and telecommunication networks as an abuse of media freedom. Fakes pose threat to life and health of citizens, cause mass riots, as well as can end up with the cessation of work of life support objects, transport or social infrastructure, and the onset of other serious consequences.

The task of the draft law is to ensure the information security of citizens of the Republic, to protect the rights of the individual and society in the information sphere, while naturally the right to freedom of information will be respected.

The bill proposes to apply the existing mechanism for information containing calls for mass riots, extremist activities, participation in mass (public) events held in violation of the established procedure, to unreliable socially significant information, the dissemination of which creates a threat of grave consequences. Namely, the order of blocking sites and pages on the Internet, distributing fakes.

Vladislav Berdichevsky, the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy, International Relations, Information Policy and Information Technologies

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