#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on new EU’s quotas for Ukraine

The European Commission has increased duties on the import of maize, sorghum and rye by 2.12 times. The import duty for maize, rye and sorghum has been increased from €5.16 to €10.95 per ton. It is worth noting that the duties of €5.16 per ton were returned in August 2017 after almost three years of duty-free grain imports.

A little earlier, on July 17, 2017, the Council of the European Union approved the temporary trade preferences for Ukraine. The following annual quotas have been set: honey – 2.5 thousand tonnes, processed tomatoes – 3,000 tonnes, wheat – 65 thousand tons, maize – 625 thousand tonnes, barley – 325 thousand tonnes.

These quotas are not commensurate with this year’s harvest in Ukraine: wheat – 25 million tonnes (!), maize – 28.5 million tonnes (!), barley – 7.4 million tonnes (!).

And these are the main positions on Ukraine’s export to the European Union, which has compensated all the preferences it made to Ukraine by rising duties.

Until recently, Ukraine had been selling cast iron to Italy and rolled metal products to Poland, but with the current policy it was slowly but surely becoming a grain and corn appendage of the EU.

Vladislav Berdichevsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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