#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on new performances of Georgian-Ukrainian circus with Saakashvili

The book by Gene Sharp “From Dictatorship to Democracy” was written in 1993, it became a workbook on the organization of colour revolutions or, according to the author, ‘non-violent struggle’ with a state. Sharp calls discrediting power by mocking it as one of the methods of struggle, as well as by demonstrating its powerlessness. In Ukraine, this workbook was gone by, and now it is lived by.

Twists and turns in the arrest of Saakashvili have been the top news of the Ukrainian and foreign press for days: arrest, hunger strike, release, the comments of Lutsenko, statements made by Saakashvili, the comments of Timoshenko and political scientists, mutual accusations in betrayal of the motherland and bribery, the indignation of the ‘most true heroes of Maidan’, due to the use of the “Heavenly Hundred’s” memory for his P.R., the appeal of the Saakashvili’s wife to international public and the total powerlessness of the Prosecutor General, who can only complain in Facebook about pressure imposed on him. This can all be described with one word: circus. There is a duo of clowns in its circle – Lutsenko and Saakashvili, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and former President of Georgia. It is not yet clear which of them will assume the role of Pierrot and who will be the Harlequin.

Basically, the West made a mistake, giving Ukrainian politicians its workbooks, because everyone now works by them, including the power, which cannot disobey its curators and arrest Saakashvili, but may represent him as a clown, discrediting him.

The bottom line is that we have the following: there are several levels of conflict in Ukraine. Firstly, there are clashes between oligarchs and their gangs. Secondly, it is a big geopolitical game. The point of the story with Saakashvili is that the West and some oligarchs are not happy with Poroshenko. Moreover, it is clear that the Western partners have serious leverage over him and he cannot resist openly.

We have been witnessing the discrediting of the Ukrainian authorities, which are unable to deal with one apatride, for several weeks now. However, it is not the intention of the President of Ukraine to give his loot and the rest of his power so easily. So we see that the history of Saakashvili’s protest is turning into a detective comedy. Now he is free, he failed to become a victim of the regime, but Lutsenko can complain about pressure exerted on him and make statements about his highest integrity and loyalty to the interests of the state, against everything, depicting himself as a knight of the round table, not the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

The end of this story awaits us in the future. Whether Poroshenko will outsmart his western masters, or whether they will change their lying puppet to a new, more obedient one. Time will show.

Alas, Ukrainians have to pay a high price for this circus performance, despite the fact that the entry through ‘free and non-violent’ protests described in the American workbooks was free of charge.

Vladislav Berdichevsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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