#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on patriotism in Ukrainian way, or: Hypocrisy as a way of life of Ukrainian politicians

Not so long ago, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Omelyan made a ‘patriotic suggestion’ – to cease the railway communication with Russia. Of course, this proposal is dictated exclusively by a passionate love for the motherland. It is for sure that this ardent love for Ukraine forces the official to educate his children in the US, and his wife to trade with Russia.

The statements of the ‘Hyperloop Minister’ may seem like a mad’s talking. Indeed, how can one take this statement seriously: “Today, I signed a historical document. Only bears will go to Moscow, as in the good old days”?

The Ukrainian official makes his statements against the backdrop of two small facts.

Fact No 1. His wife Svetlana Bevza sells her brand’s dresses in Russia. The first to focus on this was journalist Alexander Dubinsky in social networks.

Fact No 2. Stepping up of NABU’s investigation over Omelyan’s undeclared income. In particular, the court granted NABU access to the accounts of the minister. In general, only a survey of journalistic investigations on the subject of corruption schemes, in which Omelyan participates, will take a lot of time. Here, lobbying of the interests of certain companies, and a story with the firm “AT-Mechanika”, and much more are emerging. And the Anti-Corruption Bureau is largely interested in all these fact.

That’s what Omelyan is coming out with pseudo-patriotic radical statements, trying to cover up the truth about his machinations. How his statement “there is nothing to go to Russia for” will be accepted by Ukrainian labour migrants, when his wife herself earns money there?

But it should be noted that the Ukrainian electorate does not react to loud slogans in the same way as Ukrainian politicians expect. Thus, according to a survey of the Vesti Ukraina Internet edition, citizens of the country know for sure that the greatest danger for the state is represented by radicals (57% of respondents), while Ukraine has to be friends with Russia and CIS countries (69% of respondents).

Nevertheless, Ukraine continues to create barriers for the movement of its citizens, including visa wise. Accustomed to the fact that in domestic politics Kiev is getting away with everything and there is no punishment for trampling on the law, Ukrainian politicians forget that their antics outside the country will not remain unrequited. And in a situation with diplomatic relations, mirror measures are often used. The advice of populists such as Omelyan (“make money in the EU and in Ukraine, and not in Russia”), Ukrainians do not take seriously, because none of these bawlers can offer any specific jobs in Europe, while Kiev officials do not care what Ukrainians will feed their families at all.

According to Dmitry Svishchev, member of the State Duma Committee for Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs, “Ukraine is not ready to provide jobs and supply families of Ukrainian people who are currently working in Russia. The industry and economy of Ukraine are at a low level. “

No matter how the situation with transport and visa restrictions develops, Ukrainian officials will continue to earn dividends on Russophobic statements. But the one who will be the most hysterical about shouting anti-Russian nonsense, and in the implementation of which the Ukrainians will suffer first of all, has simply found a new salary in Russia.

Vladislav Berdichevsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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