#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on Railway Worker’s Day in Ukrainian way

The Ukrainian mass media reported that the Minister of Infrastructure Omelyan stated that Ukraine was going to stop railway communication with Russia.

The Ukrainian Minister’s statement has many facets. First of all, it is worth remembering how many people use the railway connection with “the aggressor country”. There are more than a few. According to data, which was provided by the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, every 12th person lives in Russia to earn a living, that is, it is about 3 million people. Vladimir Omelyan did not clarify in his statement how these three million people would reach their places of work and go back.

Second of all, the external trade turnover of Ukraine with Russia grew by more than 30% for the first quarter of the current year. Naturally, it is carried out with the help of railway freight activity.

That is the reality. But there is another reality, the one that sits in the minds of Ukrainian politicians and nationalists and which they want impose on Ukrainians. Ukraine has to sever ties with the Soviet past and Russia in this alternative reality, because friendship with Russia is the allegedly burdensome legacy of the Soviet ideology. “Decommunization” requires the heart of a Ukrainian patriot. Indeed, why does Ukraine need the allegedly burdensome legacy of the Soviet past presented by railroads?

This story has one more interesting detail. Railway Worker’s Day was celebrated on the first Sunday of August in the USSR and it was not coincidental that the Omelyan’s statement was made in conjunction with this date. The celebration of Railway Worker’s Day in Ukraine was moved to November 4 in 2002.

The chosen course of nationalist propaganda, even something as trivial as the statement of the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, is just a logical continuation of everything that has happened in Ukraine for the last 27 years. A Ukrainian train is falling into the abyss, falling even faster than Hyperloop promised by Omelyan, and destroying bridges and railroad tracks.

Vladislav Berdichevsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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