#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on second to none level of Russophobia and xenophobia of Ukrainian government

The Kiev regime is eager to destroy those who disagree with them, deport those out of favour and carry out forced Ukrainization, People’s Council MP Vladislav Berdichevsky stated in a comment for the DPR official website.

“Almost everything that we warned about, what we talked about since 2002, since the time of the orange madness, comes true almost a hundred per cent. When in 2013 we made statements that Russophobes coming to power with the help of boorish nationalists would lead to manifestations of Nazism, a total defeat in the rights of those who disagree and Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine, we, the Donbass natives, were told that we exaggerate, and that Ukraine, on the contrary, will become a free and democratic European country.

We have long been sure that we were right when declaring independence in the spring of 2014. What we have been witnessing for almost six years confirms our worst assumptions.

In the event of Republics’ return to Ukraine, the Kiev regime is ready to wipe people out, destroy those who disagree, deport those out of favour and conduct forced Ukrainization.

This is exactly why, under the West’s aegis, the coup d’etat was carried out: for the ultimate solution of the ‘Russian issue’ in Ukraine,” the parliamentarian said.

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