#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on Ukrainian Ministry of Funeral Affairs

Once again, Ukrainian diplomats demonstrated a real level of their ‘professionalism’. All the announced plans, like the last time with the situation around the meeting of Poroshenko and Trump, were not realized. This time the main failure was in the preparation for the meeting of the Normandy Four.

The excuses of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Pavel Klimkin, were stitched up, as he stressed that for his German counterpart, questions that in comparison could show the importance of the Ukrainian topic on the European agenda became priority. “Sigmar Gabriel went to Berlin to meet the freed Turkish journalist and, therefore, did not have time to return,” Klimkin said.

But it is not the reasons for the absence of German Foreign Minister, voiced by Klimkin, that amaze, but the fact that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had to reach an agreement with its partners before the meeting of the Normandy Four. Or not? And in general, were there any confirmations of Europeans?

Let’s start out from the fact that there actually were guarantees of participation and Ukrainian diplomats do not provide official statements based on their fantasies. Although this can be questioned, since after the failed meeting in Munich, Klimkin again announced it in the near future. In the case of agreements, one can only guess what prompted the participants of the Normandy format to abandon their obligations.

The most likely reason is the speech of Pyotr Poroshenko at the Munich Security Conference. As Michael Thumann, a columnist for Die Zeit, said, Poroshenko “uttered another rattling accusatory speech against Russia… and now only experts among Europeans are interested in the situation in the east of Ukraine.”

It seems that the speech of the Ukrainian president was prepared by representatives of the Foreign Ministry. The abundance of anti-Russian nonsense from the lips of Poroshenko on the eve of the Normandy Four’s negotiations is the work of Klimkin and Co. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry at this rate will soon turn into a virtual or internal political one. Ministry of Internal Foreign Affairs – how does it appeal to you?

Vladislav Berdichevsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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