#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on unachieved agreements on “Easter truce”

The Trilateral Contact Group failed to reach agreement on the implementation of a comprehensive ceasefire on the eve of Easter holidays for the first time in the history of the Minsk format. The reason for this is the destructive position of the Kiev representatives in the security subgroup, who refused even to discuss specific measures for the resumption and control of the truce.

I am sure that the actions of the Ukrainian side are exclusively of political nature and, however, the precedent of not agreeing on the truce is a disturbing signal and testifies to possible plans of Ukraine to implement new military provocations against the citizens of the DPR and LPR. In addition, there is another attempt to make the Russian Federation a party to the conflict by placing responsibility up on it for the compliance with the cease-fire regime in Donbass and then accusing it of sabotaging the negotiations on the renewal of the cease-fire regime.

The Ukrainian side once again demonstrated its lack of interest in the negotiation process and endangered the life and health of our citizens. At the same time, all Kiev’s statements about commitment to the peaceful settlement of the conflict were hollow statements. Thus, on March 13, the incumbent president reiterated the need to initiate a truce in Donbass starting from April 18 at a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In actuality, we see that the words of Poroshenko were just a grandstand play and another attempt to “save his face” in front of European partners.

On April 24, the next round of negotiations will be held in Minsk and dedicated primarily to the harmonization of security issues. Currently, it is almost impossible to assume what results this meeting will bring. But even if the Ukrainian side changes its position, I believe that the Armistice Agreement can be reached only if additional measures of strengthening and control of the cease-fire regime are agreed upon.

Vladimir Berdichevsky, the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy, International Relations, Information Policy and Technology

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