People’s Council Committees

People’s Council Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Policy:

Chairman: Zheynova M.N.

Deputy Chairman: Gubareva E. Y.


Members of the Committee: Lugansky S. V., Petrovich V. Y., Khryakov A. V., Shaposhnikov S. V., Shimanovsky P. V.

People’s Council Committee on Security and Defense:

Chairman: Koval A.P.

Deputy Chairman: Perepyolkin D.N.

Secretary: Simonenko A.B.

Members of the Committee: Anika Y.G., Bozyavkin V.V., Voroshilov A.S., Soloshin V.G.

People’s Council Committee on Social and Housing Policy:


Deputy Chairman: Shaban O.M.

Secretary: Pavlenko E.A.

Members of the Committee: Korostov E.V., Korolyuk M.V., Pushkin L.E.

People’s Council Committee on Foreign Policy, International Relations, Information Policy and Information Technologies:

Chairman: Melnik E.L.

Deputy Chairman: Berdichevsky V.L.


Members of the Committee: Konnikov Y. I., Kostenko A.V., Pokintelitsa Y. I., Tsyplakov S.G.

People’s Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building:

Chairman: Bidyovka V.A.

Deputy Chairman: Dobros A.A.

Secretary: Martyanova E.G.

Members of the Committee: Knysh M.G., Malyutin R.A.

People’s Council Committee on Criminal and Administrative Legislation:

Chairman: Zhigulin A.M.

Deputy Chairman: Makeyev S.G.

Secretary: Dvoryadkina T.A.

Members of the Committee: Kozlov A.V.

People’s Council Committee on Civil and Arbitral Legislation:

Chairman: Bykadovor A.V.

Deputy Chairman: Bayevsky A.V.

Secretary: Dezortsev D.E.

Members of the Committee: Barkhatnova A.V., Grishin D.I.

People’s Council Committee on Nature Management, Ecology, Mineral and Natural Resources:

Chairman: Yarovikov A.I.

Deputy Chairman:

Secretary: Neyer V.I.

Members of the Committee: Borisov A.A., Vitchenko I.P., Vyatkin A.V., Kuzmin K. A.

People’s Council Committee on Transport and Communications:

Chairman: Rozhkov S.N.

Deputy Chairman: Sverchkov S.K.

Secretary: Kondratov I.A.

Members of the Committee: Dobros I.B., Kornienko R.A., Skorokhodov V.V., Chekun V.A.

People’s Council Committee on Industry and Trade:

Chairman: Tikhonenkov V.A.

Deputy Chairman: Orlov E.V.

Secretary: Chuchin S.A.

Members of the Committee: Kostarev V.S., Matrus I.V.

People’s Council Committee on Agriculture and Land Resources:

Chairman: Glebov O.K.

Deputy Chairman: Rura S.A.

Secretary: Leonov Y.V.

Members of the Committee: Kulakov S.Y., Polyushkin Y.V., Salikhov E.E.

People’s Council Committee on Education, Science and Culture

Chairman: Rudenko M.V.

Deputy Chairman: Obolenskaya A.I.

Secretary: Selivanova A.Y.

Members of the Committee: Prokopenko S.B., Tikhonov M.G.

People’s Council Committee on Development of Civil Society, Public and Religious Associations Issues:

Chairman: Malkov A.V.

Deputy Chairman: Ivanishina N.V.

Secretary: Kravets V.V.

Members of the Committee: Zhukov M.V., Metla V.V., Tchaikovsky P.A.

People’s Council Committee on Ethics, Regulations and Organisation of the People’s Council’s Work:

Chairman: Kadyrov G.R.

Deputy Chairman: Kovalchuk S.A.

Secretary: Brednev V.A.

Members of the Committee: Antonyuk S.A., Kulbatskaya K.Y., Kurenkov A.P., Pshenichnaya N.A., Filatova G.A.

People’s Council Committee on Health, Maternity and Childhood Protection:

Chairman: Avdeyev A.V.

Deputy Chairman: Zavdoveyev S.S.

Secretary: Seryozhenko A.A.

Members of the Committee: Belyaev G.V., Demchenko T.T., Khramenkov R.A.

People’s Council Committee on Youth, Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism:

Chairman: Sivokonenko Y. V.

Deputy Chairman: Martynov Y.I.


Members of the Committee: Miroshnichenko A.V., Stepanov O.V.