Denis Pushilin and Vladimir Bidyovka participate in celebrations of 150th anniversary of Khartsyzsk town

On September 14, festive occasions took place in Khartsyzsk dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the town. DPR Head DPR Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council of the Vladimir Bidyovka, deputies of the People’s Council, representatives of ministries and departments, employees of the town administration, residents and guests of the town attended the celebration.

DPR Head Denis Pushilin in a congratulatory speech noted patriotism and hard work of the townspeople.

“Dear residents of Khartsyzsk! I congratulate you on Town Day, on the 150th anniversary of its founding. Khartsyzsk occupies an important place in the life of the state. Now is not the easiest time both for the Republic and for Khartsyzsk. There are a lot of issues that you and I need to solve, and we will definitely solve them. To do this, we have a desire, understanding, and perseverance. We are convinced that both we and future generations should live better.

Khartsyzsk is a town of hardworking people, real patriots, and I thank you for that. I’d like to wish all residents that wealth and prosperity always accompany Khartsyzsk. Happy holiday!”  the Head of the Republic stated.

In a commentary to the press service of the People’s Council, Vladimir Bidyovka emphasized that thanks to the close-knit work of the townspeople, their hard work and active life position, Khartsyzsk is steadily developing day after day.

“Each city of our Republic has its own zest, each has its own bright distinctive feature. However, all this becomes possible thanks to painstaking work and sincere love for the native town by its inhabitants. Our main undeniable value is the people thanks to whom the cities and the whole Republic as a whole are developing!

It is very symbolic that the Man of the Year award ceremony is held on the 150th anniversary of the town’s founding, since it is the townspeople who create the history of success and stable development of Khartsyzsk. Everyone contributes to a particular field of activity, and thanks to close-knit teamwork, cultural and educational programmes are being successfully implemented in the town today; industry is developing, and interest in the unique natural heritage is growing. The fact that these successes have been achieved in the context of ongoing aggression on part of Ukraine, speaks of the incredible fortitude and exceptional devotion of Khartsyzsk residents to their town,” the Speaker of the DPR Parliament said.

During the event, residents of Khartsyzsk, who made a significant contribution to the development of the town, were awarded with letters of gratitude from the Head of the Republic and the Chairman of the People’s Council. The title of honorary citizen of Khartsyzsk was awarded to Boris Budyka; in addition to that, the winners of the Man of the Year contest in various categories were awarded with honorary diplomas and prizes. The event ended with a concert of creative teams and performers.

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