Denis Pushilin appears “Time will show” programme

On November 15, 2016, the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Contact group at negotiations in Minsk Denis Pushilin participated in a live programme “Time will show” on the Russian Channel One.

Commenting on the statement by the representative of Ukraine that no one will talk to leaders of Donbass, the DPR’s Speaker of Parliament said that this is not true.

“The conversation is already in progress, if no one wanted to talk to Donbass, there would be no Minsk agreements. And the Minsk agreements are signed by Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky. If they were not needed, no one would persuade them to put these signatures.

Radicalized persons only aggravate the situation. And the war, unfortunately, continues through their own fault in particular,” Denis Pushilin said.

During the programme the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Trilateral contact Group voiced the reasons which prompted the DPR and the LPR to the signing of the Minsk agreements.

“Republics were originally in a difficult position. We wanted with heart and soul and still want to go home to Russia. I would not call it a war for independence of the LDPR. First, this is a war of ideologies. Just look at our and our opponents’ attitude towards World War II, to the St. George ribbon. Second, this is a war of political courses. If we initially for the preservation and improvement of relations with the countries of the Customs Union, then our opponents for a certain ephemeral and unrealizable, as experience has shown, European integration.

If we look at how it all began, the coup marked the beginning of the conflict, and this is of most importance, and in fact that is what led us to start a liberation movement. As for our personal future, for many it is clear that we think about ourselves in a lesser degree because we’ve been imposed such personal sanctions that will probably never be removed. We think first about how our citizens will live. And now, whether someone likes it or not, it is 4 million people. This is comparable with countries such as Finland,” Denis Pushilin noted.

The DPR Speaker of parliament expressed hope for changes in the prisoner exchange issue at the next meeting in Minsk.

“I hope that at the next meeting there will be some changes in the issue of exchange of prisoners, because we have already announced figures and the exchange was just about to start, but Ukraine has again started to delay the process. Gerashchenko plays an important role in delaying the matter. I am looking for the next meeting on 23rd with great hope that we manage to agree and move forward,” Denis Pushilin concluded.

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