Denis Pushilin attends concert of Russian rock band “Django” in Horlovka (video)

At the end of last week a free concert of the Russian musician Alexey Poddubny and the rock band “Django” was held in Horlovka. The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin and Acting Head of Horlovka city administration Ivan Prikhodko.

In the event, the Parliament Speaker addressed the assembled residents of Horlovka with words of gratitude for the honest work and faith in the bright future of the Republic.

“Unfortunately, the war is not over yet, unfortunately, ceasefire, which occurs periodically, is often interrupted by shelling of our towns and regions.

It just happened that Horlovka is located at the contact line. But we have no right to give up, have no right to give in. After all, we are well aware that on the contact line there are our guys who protect our borders, our frontiers. I am sure that no matter how difficult, we’ll manage this. We will win and everything will be fine. Thank you, Horlovka!” Denis Pushilin addressed to Horlovka residents.

In turn, the Acting Head of Horlovka city administration Ivan Prikhodko wished the residents of Horlovka, despite the difficult circumstances of life, work and rest are equally good.

“Hello, dear Horlovka residents, hello, heroes! We wanted very much to spend today’s concert together with Alexey Poddubny, so quiet, so that everything was peaceful. Everybody worked for this, everybody was doing their best, but unfortunately, the Ukrainian army doesn’t want it to be so. Tonight, you know, our houses were hit again, Zaytsevo village suffered again. But we, in spite of everything, will not only work well, but also have a good rest!” Ivan Prikhodko promised.

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