Denis Pushilin attends presentation of Elena Nikitina’s book about Russian spring events in Donbass and first year of Republic’s formation

On July 12, the presentation of a book written by Elena Nikitina and entitled “Regardless. How I worked as the DPR minister” took place in a hotel “Park Inn” in Donetsk.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, Acting Minister of Information Igor Antipov, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova, Vice-Commander of the DPR Operative Command Eduard Basurin, colleagues and friends of the author, many of whom were direct participants in the events presented in an autobiographical edition. The presentation was made by the Associate Professor of International Economics of the Donetsk National University, member of the Union of Writers of the DPR, member of the Union of Writers of Russia Anna Revyakina.

The Speaker of the DPR Parliament thanked the author of the book and urged those present to remember those tragic events, which led to an armed confrontation in Donbass.

ʺThe most important thing for us is to remember everything that happened back then. To remember what made us unite, risk our lives and take a step into the unknown.

No one knew what would happen next day at that time. Sometimes we could not be sure what would happen in half an hour. But I find all the participants of those events the heroes of Donbass, the heroes of that time, the time when we were going through a period of the formation of our Republic. Of course, we could just sit out and wait for an outcome. However, many of us were not afraid and were in the vanguard of events, in other words, we became the participants of the events described by Elena Nikitina. Many people did this with weapons in their hands.

I wish we had more books like this one. We have to tell our children about these events and prevent them from recurring in the future,ʺ Denis Pushilin said.

According to the Deputy Minister of Information Artyom Olkhin, the value of this book lies in the fact that its author is an eyewitness and direct participant of the historical events described in it. He underlined that works like this could be called historical documents.

ʺI am very grateful to the author of this book. We can understand what really happened only by reading the diaries of real participants of events. Therefore, this book is a huge contribution to our history. In addition, I want to appeal to all those present not only to remember the past events, but also to forge ahead and win. And then, our enemy will be defeated,ʺ the Deputy Minister of Information said.

The Vice-Commander of the DPR Operative Command Eduard Basurin noted that, unfortunately, there were hardly any books like that. He found convergence of views on the described events after reading the book.

ʺI think that there are few books that describe the events of 2014 in the DPR, because many people still remember them and it is fresh in memory. I am grateful to Elena Nikitina for writing the book at this period of time. I found some abstracts, which I considered my own, after reading it. I wish to associate myself with the words, which are in an afterword, that the people will soon be proud of staying here in 2014. We witnessed how not just the history of Donbass, but world history was made. Thanks to the people, who were not afraid and stayed despite all the dangers,ʺ Eduard Basurin said.

In turn, Elena Nikitina described the process of writing a literary work.

ʺ2014 was very eventful. Many of these events were joyous, but there were many other ones. When we stood in line to vote in the referendum, this moment has stuck in memory forever, including colours, smell, feelings and emotions.

I wanted to share my memories in this book, because it seemed to me it was very important for the world to know what was happening in Donbass. For the most part, I wrote about the events that I participated in, how I saw, felt and understood them.

She expressed hope that the book would find its readers and be useful to many people, not only to the people of Donbass.

ʺI would like this book to be read by children and grandchildren, as well as those, who remember 2014 and its spirit. I would like this book to be read by Russian people, so they more aware of what is going on here.

I thank those who have helped me to write and publish this book, its excerpt will be posted on the Internet and those who are interested can have a look at it,ʺ the author said.


Elena Nikitina headed the Ministry of Information of the DPR from June 2014 till February 2017. Currently, she is the Head of the Department of Public and Media Relations of the Administrative Office of the DPR People’s Council.

Recollection of the event of 2014-2015 is presented in the book “Regardless. How I worked as a Minister of the DPR”. The author conveys the spiritual and emotional rise of the protest movement of 2014 and reveals many moments of the Russian spring in Donbass, which have thus far been unknown. The book also sets out the process of creation of the state authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the reasons and logic of many high-profile events, which took place at the beginning of the new state’s formation, are borne on court of the public.

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