Denis Pushilin calls Political Settlement of the Conflict in Donbass the Priority Objective

On June 29, the meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on Settlement of the Conflict in Donbass took place. The issues concerning exacerbation of the situation on the contact line were put on the agenda of the meeting.

Political settlement of the conflict is the priority objective even in spite of deterioration of the situation on the boundary line. The plenipotentiary representative of the DPR Denis Pushilin stated this on the eve of the meeting and confirmed the same position at the meeting. The plenipotentiary representative considers refusal of the Ukrainian negotiators to discuss the political issues of the Package of measures inadmissible.

“The explanations of the Ukrainian side about inopportuneness of the discussions are just an excuse. We have been speaking of the necessity of political part implementation of the arrangements for nearly 2 years, it`s time to pass on directly to the discussion of amendments to the constitution, to the amnesty law and the roadmap, as well as to other documents on which a peaceful settlement of the conflict depends”, a source at the trilateral Minsk negotiations delivers Denis Pushilin`s words.

The source pointed out there had been a heated debate over pension payment to the citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk People`s Republics.

“Ukraine is once again hitting the weakest and most vulnerable categories of the citizens, refusing to pay those who earned these payments during the years of hard labour. Both the OSCE and the DPR and LPR representatives regarded the statement of the Ukrainian side impermissible. Ukraine must resume pension payments, as presupposed by the Package of measures and the norms of international law.

To implement this item, Denis Pushilin made the suggestion that additional departments of the Pension Fund should be established in order to simplify receiving pension payments and save our citizens from forced migration to the territory controlled by Ukraine”, the source told us.

The plenipotentiary representative of the DPR at the Minsk negotiations, Denis Pushilin, raised the question on murder of the DPR`s two field engineers and capture of eight more in Shirokino and Ukrainian soldiers` penetration deep into the territory of the Republic for 4 km from the boundary line near Logvinovo.

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