Denis Pushilin calls on world community to react to Ukrainian forces shelling Yuzhnodonbassky water conduit

Having fired on the Yuzhnodonbasssky water conduit, Ukraine violated the basic norms of humanitarian law, the DPR envoy to the Contact Group in Minsk, the Chairman of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin said at the talks.

“The shelling of the Yuzhnodonbassky water pipeline by the Ukrainian army violates the basic norms of humanitarian law related to providing the peaceful population with water. In particular, the provisions of additional protocols to the Geneva Conventions, which prohibit deliberate destruction of water infrastructure in armed conflicts,” Denis Pushilin noted.

According to the Speaker of the DPR Parliament, the world community is obliged to respond to yet another provocation of the AFU (the Ukrainian Armed Forces), since people living on both sides of the demarcation line will remain without water supply as a result of the shelling.

“Ukraine deprives of water not only the localities on the DPR. Vast majority of the citizens who have remained without water supply lives on the territory under the Ukrainian government’s control. And if our citizens have nothing to be threatened by thanks to the timely and high-quality work of our public utilities who make every effort to transfer work from stopped stations to the working ones, residents of about 40 settlements located on the other side of the demarcation line will be less lucky.

But the thing is that for us, people living on the Donbass territory, temporarily controlled by Ukraine, are also ours. Therefore, we hope for deliberate attention of the world community to the current situation and for putting pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to restore the water supply system as soon as possible,” Denis Pushilin stated.

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