Denis Pushilin: Changing “ATO” to military operation will untie Poroshenko’s hands (video)

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council and the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Contact Group at negotiations in Minsk Denis Pushilin participated in a TV programme entitled “Theme” on “Union” TV channel.

Denis Pushilin described the outcome of the recent Contact Group meeting during the broadcast.

ʺThe last meeting in Minsk was not ordinary and there were preconditions before the negotiations began. There was information about the bill on the ‘reintegration’ of Donbass in the media. Our reaction was quite clear with regard to the plan of the Ukrainian authorities. This does not correlated with the Minsk agreements in any way, so we cannot accept it.

Moreover, if we think into what has been stated in this document, it is safe to say that this will lead to a deterioration of the situation and an escalation of the conflict. Because changing “ATO” to a military operation will certainly untie Poroshenko’s hands. We had to underline our position during the Contact Group’s negotiations: there is a set of measures to be implemented,ʺ the plenipotentiary envoy said.

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