Denis Pushilin comments on Ukraine and United States’ refusal to deploy United Nations peacekeeping force in Donbass

Ukraine and the United States are interested only in a forceful solution to the conflict in Donbass. It was stated by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Contact group at negotiations in Minsk Denis Pushilin in a live television broadcast of “Time Will Tell” TV programme on the Russian First channel.

According to the plenipotentiary representative, the refusal of the Ukrainian and American representatives from Vladimir Putin’s proposal to deploy a United Nations peacekeeping force is linked to the fact that the initiative does not allow Ukraine to gain back its control over Donbass by force.

ʺDonbass favours the idea of establishing a peacekeeping mission from the perspective that we need peace, but not at any cost. We suggest that we should be guided by pure and transparent logic: peacekeepers are needed where it is dangerous. The line of contact is the only dangerous place for us. Accordingly, we advocate that the peacekeepers should be among the parties to the conflict, where the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission works, as prescribed in the Minsk agreements, and ensure its security. At the same time, the peacekeepers’ mandate and other components of the contingent must be agreed with us as a party to the conflict. Given that we are currently represented on one international platform only, and this is the Contact Group in Minsk, that is why this issue should be discussed there.

Why are Ukraine and the United States against the introduction of thee peacekeeping force? I suppose because Russia, in this situation, will take a proactive approach by initiating the introduction of the peacekeepers and will prevent genocide of four million people in Donbass, as it was done in Yugoslavia,ʺ Denis Pushilin said.

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