Denis Pushilin congratulates trade employees on their professional holiday

On July 26, the capital’s Centre for Slavic Culture held celebrations dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Trade Worker. The event was attended by Chairman of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Council Olga Makeyeva, deputy of the People’s Council, Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Trade Vyacheslav Tikhonenkov, Minister of Industry and Trade Alexey Granovsky, Acting Minister of Labour and Social Policy Larisa Tolstykina, as well as Acting Minister of Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism Alexander Gromakov.

Alexey Granovsky read out the congratulatory address of DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko, in which the Head of State noted that workers in the sphere of trade of the Donetsk People’s Republic are successfully coping with the tasks assigned to them.

“Dear representatives of the trade sphere of the Donetsk People’s Republic! Accept my congratulations on your professional holiday – the Day of the Trade Worker.

The most important task for the trade sphere of our state today is to increase the volume of sales of domestic products. This task is being gradually solved. Only in the trade networks for the first quarter, the volume of sales increased by more than 30%. There are branded shops of domestic producers. The wholesale turnover is dynamically growing. In the Republic, with the assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, a number of programmes are being implemented to develop the sphere of trade and improve the quality of public services.

I congratulate all trade workers on the holiday. I wish peace and everything good to you and your families, as well as success, happiness, and prosperity!” the text of the congratulatory address says.

The head of the relevant ministry congratulated the workers of the branch, drawing attention to the positive trend in the development of the sphere of trade. In addition, he thanked the deputies of the People’s Council for the adopted DPR Law “On the Fundamentals of State Regulation of Trade, Public Catering and Consumer Services”, which, in his opinion, contributed to economic growth in the Republic.

“The sphere of trade is not just dynamically developing, the growth in various sectors has made from 3 to 31.9%. If we talk about the objects of trade, at the moment there are 11,271 trade objects in the Republic, besides, there are 1807 catering establishments. More than 3,500 objects of trade that sell food products, more than 4,600 of non-food trade enterprises.

Compared to the same period last year, the increase amounted to 3.1%. 386 new stores were opened on the territory of the Republic. If we talk about retail trade turnover, it increased by 31.9% compared to the same period of the previous year. This is 286 million rubles, which came to the budget of our state. If we talk about wholesale turnover, the figures there are completely different, and they are very significant. This is more than 3.5 billion rubles of turnover. Speaking of trade networks, in the Republic, there are 21 network format objects, and this year they opened 23 new stores. The development and breakthrough in the sphere of trade became possible thanks to the Law on Trade adopted by the People’s Council.

If we talk about Ukraine, then such a law has been torpedoed by the authorities for 20 years. Ukraine lives according to temporal orders. In Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, such laws exist. What does it give? It provides the rules of the game in the market, in the economy, defines a clear relationship between the seller and the buyer. Accordingly, this gives a jump in the economy. I am confident that 2019 will be even more productive due to the adopted law. Therefore, dear colleagues and friends, I would like to wish you, above all, peaceful skies over your head, health and good luck to you and your families. I wish you all the best, the very best! Happy professional holiday!” said the minister.

Denis Pushilin also addressed the employees with a welcoming speech.

“Dear trade workers, I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday!

The state of trade reflects the state of the economy. Despite the blockades and difficulties, we nevertheless develop, and our trade develops, which everyone sees. This is seen by our guests, who come to see us, our citizens see it too.

Of course, there are many problems left, and a number of measures are being taken to resolve them. To this end, the People’s Council adopted several special laws.

We see that development is evident in the sphere of trade, and we can perfectly observe this in dynamics in comparison with 2014-2015, when there was simply a question of basic survival, when it was necessary to ensure the availability of at least some assortment in stores. And now on the agenda there is absolutely another question. This is really a struggle – a struggle for the level, for the quality. We do not have a deficit in any commodity group, and it says a lot. Of course, this is the result of the work of the relevant ministry, but most importantly, it is thanks to the work of each of you, for the most important resource of our Republic is people – people who continue to fight, and people who believe in our young Republic.

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on a holiday. We will succeed!” said the speaker of the parliament.

He presented the gratitude letters of the DPR People’s Council for conscientious work, high professionalism, a significant personal contribution to the development and improvement of the sphere of trade of the Donetsk People’s Republic and an active life position to Yury Dikenshtein, Director of OOO DIK Firm, Director of OOO Rest Service Egor Shipilov, chief of the department of trade, consumer services and consumer protection of the Snezhnoe City Council Ella Gorvat, director of the operational department of OOO Galaktika Gennady Galchuk and entrepreneur from the city of Donetsk Sergey Logvinenko.

The programme of the event was opened by a theatrical performance in the hall of the Centre for Slavic Culture. Also, within the solemn part, the distinguished authorities of the sphere of trade and services received awards and gratitude letters from the authorities of the Republic. In particular, DPR Minister of Industry and Trade Alexey Granovsky awarded to the winners of the contest for the best catering establishment.

After the awarding ceremony, a festive concert was held with the participation of Denis Maidanov and Anna Semenovich, organized with the assistance of the Russian Centre.

We recall that the Day of the Trade Worker is established by the Decree of Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko on May 6, 2016; the holiday is celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday of July.

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