Denis Pushilin: Decision to bring issue of restoring connection of Ukrainian mobile operator to Minsk platform taken

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Denis Pushilin, commented on the situation with the termination of the work of the mobile operator MTS-Ukraine.

“There is a very serious communication problem. First of all, it concerns unprotected population stratum. In particular, pensioners, for whom an alternative link, namely a variety of messengers, is not entirely acceptable for communicating with relatives. Given that it is not possible to find understanding in terms of restoring the work of the Ukrainian operator within our capabilities and outside the Minsk negotiations, we decided to bring a question on this situation to the Minsk platform. Perhaps, there it will be possible to solve this issue.

We know about the state of affairs from the words of our technical specialists, we hear opposing statements from Ukrainian specialists, and, perhaps, in order to find an opportunity to improve the situation and give people communication, additional efforts are needed. We need a dialogue and a platform for it,” Denis Pushilin said.

He also stressed that the delay in solving the current problem is caused by the fact that the damaged cable is located on the territory temporarily controlled by Ukraine.

“It is worth noting that the problem that existed in the LPR territory was eliminated, and communication started to work. We have a different situation – the place of the breakdown is located on the territory under Ukraine’s control. Therefore, the situation is prolonged. This information is for consideration,” the Speaker of the DPR Parliament said.

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