Denis Pushilin does not exclude possibility of strengthening of confrontation in Donbass after the transfer of a new batch of weapons to the AFU

Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin admitted the possibility of escalation of the conflict after the transfer of a new batch of weapons to the AFU.

On August 23, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko transferred to AFU 140 units of military hardware of Ukrainian production, which he ordered to be sent to the conflict zone in Donbass. The military received Su-27 air units, MiG-29, Mi-8 helicopters, artillery and rocket systems of various types and more.

“Ukraine is peculiar to escalate the situation on the contact line by provocation, obtaining new weapons, contraction of forces to the front line or announcement of full alert among the units. At the same time, neither the President nor the Ukrainian government is ready to an open battle,” Denis Pushilin said in comments to the DAN. “It would mean the failure of the Minsk negotiations by Ukrainian side, and for that neither the US nor Europe will not pat.”

The Head of the DPR delegation at negotiations in Minsk said that large-scale fighting in the region are now also unlikely because of the numerous defeats of the Ukrainian army, which “cannot expect to win.” However, he did not rule out that the risk of increasing confrontation on the front exists.

“This is evidenced by the mood of Ukrainian politics, and the growing attacks on the territory of the DPR. We plan to raise this issue at the next meeting of the contact group in Minsk,” Denis Pushilin summed up.

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