Denis Pushilin: Donetsk is ready for any development of events. If there is a war, we will win

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Permanent Representative of the DPR to Contact Group at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin in an interview with the Moscovsky Komsomolets spoke about the way up the Republic has worked in three years, as well as the results achieved in the process of forming statehood.

“Contrary to Kiev’s attempts to hamper the development of the DPR, including various blockades, from economic to energy, we have come a long way in three years of existence. Unlike the summer of 2014, we are now a fully formed state, albeit unrecognized. We have full-fledged legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. Military, leaving for dismissal, hand over their weapons. We have overcome the food deficit to the extent that it is possible under current conditions. Now we are trying to restart production at Ukrainian enterprises, which were transferred to us as a result of a complete blockade on the part of Ukraine. I hope, we will cope with this too, since we have enough qualified specialists.

The future of the DPR is linked to the Minsk agreements, but Ukraine does not take any steps to implement them. The big question is whether the US will be able to influence Kiev for this situation to change. Initially, we had high hopes for the administration of Donald Trump, but now we understand that Washington’s position has not changed. In particular, the US representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker made very strange statements that we have more tanks than the whole of Europe. We are ready to accept Volcker in the DPR, so that the Americans get an objective picture of what is happening in the Donbass.

Donetsk is ready for any development of events. If there is a war, we will win. If there in none – the better – there will be no victims and destruction, but the conflict will drag on for years. Therefore, we work to ensure that our people can go to work, send their children to kindergartens and schools, receive medical services, in short, live a full life in the DPR. One of our goals is to make Donetsk attractive for Ukrainians, so that our compatriots would like to live in the DPR, and not in the Donetsk region. Then the Ukrainian authorities will change their approach to the Minsk agreements. It’s a long way, but it is the only alternative to war,” Denis Pushilin said.

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