Denis Pushilin: DPR will hold not only elections, but also referendum

The Donetsk People’s Republic may hold not only regular elections of the Head of State and Parliament, but also a new referendum on its state status. Such a point of view in a conversation with TASS was expressed by the Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR, Denis Pushilin.

“The possibility of postponing the elections and extending the powers of the Head of State and deputies of the People’s Council of the Republic is widely discussed in our society,” he recalled. “Both for and against arguments concerning domestic political, economic, and foreign policy and, of course, military order are submitted.”

“It is still difficult for me to say what decision will be made. We shall see. But one of the scenarios is already obvious. It is a question of extending the law on the special status of the Donbass,” Denis Pushilin stressed.

“Ukraine hints that this law may not be extended in October and will cease to exist,” the speaker of the parliament continued. “This will mean Kiev’s refusal from the Minsk agreements, and therefore, from the prospect of building a contractual relationship between Kiev and the Donbass, as well as refusal to resume trade ties and so on. That is, it will be finally clear that there will not be any integration and it is necessary to complete our independence as soon as possible and strengthen the sovereign statehood.”

“Then it will be necessary to hold elections for the Head of State and the People’s Council,” Denis Pushilin is sure. “And that’s not the end. It will also be necessary to hold municipal elections. They have still been postponed, as they fell under the Minsk agreements. But if Kiev pulls away of these agreements, then we will hold them ourselves.”

“Also,” he believes, “a nationwide referendum will be required with a clearer question than in 2014. For example: “Do you want the Donetsk People’s Republic to be an independent sovereign state?””

“This is a current scenario. And it would be for the best, to be honest,” Denis Pushilin summed up.

Earlier, a number of DPR public figures suggested considering the possibility of postponing the elections of the Head of State and the Parliament of the Republic scheduled for this autumn with a view to giving the current leadership the opportunity to implement the programmes of social and economic development that they have begun.

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