Denis Pushilin hands membership cards of Donetsk Republic public movement to railway workers of Debaltsevo

On August 8, the Debaltsevo Town Council held a solemn presentation of membership cards of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” to the railway workers. The event was attended by the Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin and the deputy Herman Kadyrov.

In his opening remarks, Denis Pushilin noted the importance of the participation of social movement members in Republic’s.

“Literally every day the team of the Head of the DPR is growing. Despite all the difficulties of our life, the number of members of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” is increasing.

You have a unique opportunity to express your opinion, to offer your initiatives. When we lived in Ukraine, there was, by and large, no connection between the citizens and the authorities. Now the situation is radically different.

I had a chance to visit Debaltsevo before the war. And we all know that in this town there were a lot of problems before the coup d’état in Kiev. And only together we can solve the tasks set before us. In particular, it is very important for us to pay special attention to the upbringing of the younger generation, to inculcate a healthy lifestyle. When events took place in Odessa, Ukrainian youth took photos against the scorched corpses. We must not tolerate such things.

I place great hopes on each of you. The Republic needs you, it is up to you to determine the future of our state, which our children will be proud of,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

Herman Kadyrov in his commentary to the press service of the People’s Council noted that during the past event, urgent issues that concern the railway workers of Debaltsevo were also discussed.

“Today, we presented the membership cards of the Donetsk Republic public movement to representatives of various labour collectives: depots, railway stations, repair services. As representatives of the authorities, we identified a number of problems that concern employees. Together we will solve these problematic issues,” the parliamentarian stressed.

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