Denis Pushilin hands membership cards of public movement “Donetsk Republic” to workers of Komsomolets Donbassa mine

On July 28, the ceremonial handing of membership cards of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” to employees of the Komsomolets Donbassa mine took place in the town of Kirovskoye. As the guest of honour, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, deputy of the People’s Council Igor Vitchenko were present at the event.

Denis Pushilin addressed the mine workers and noted that the Komsomolets Donbassa mine is a town-forming enterprise, so it is very important to do everything possible to keep it working. According to the Chairman of the People’s Council, the introduction of external management at this enterprise has allowed saving jobs, and also provides an opportunity to resolve issues related to logistics and the search for markets.

“The Komsomolets Donbassa mine is a behemoth in terms of coal mining, it is of immense importance for the DPR, in particular, in the field of paying taxes and creating jobs. For objective reasons, after the transport blockade organized by Ukraine, we were forced to introduce external management at this enterprise. Naturally, all the logistical chains were broken, starting with the supply of raw materials and ending with the sale of finished products. These issues are now under control of the core ministry. I am confident that by joint efforts we will cope with the task. The most important thing for us at the moment is to preserve the team of specialists, to preserve the enterprise itself,” the Speaker of the Parliament said.

Denis Pushilin also added that the transport blockade, organized by the radicals and supported by Pyotr Poroshenko, was a rather unexpected event for the Republic.

“There are moments that made the situation with the transport blockade very difficult. There are owners of enterprises located in the territory of the DPR, who allegedly take care of their employees and call themselves patriots of the Donbass. However, some of their actions cannot be called care. On the one hand, there is a ‘toothless’ opposition in Ukraine, which has a very weak influence on the Ukrainian government.

On the other hand, it remains unclear why the owners of these enterprises did nothing to stop the actions of Ukrainian radicals and support the employees of their own enterprises,” Denis Pushilin said.

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