Denis Pushilin hands musical instruments over to art school of Kirovskoye town

On July 28, in the Kirovskoye Town Council, Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin met with the residents of the town. The event was also attended by deputy Igor Vitchenko.

As part of the event, the Speaker of Parliament spoke with the citizens, answered the submitted questions, and also handed musical instruments over to the Kirovskoye institution of additional education. In his address to the audience, Denis Pushilin stressed that the welfare of the state depends not only on its leadership, but also on the actions and deeds of each of its citizens.

“If we concentrate only on war and not think about a peaceful life, it will be a road to nowhere. Our children should develop creatively, that’s why we brought musical instruments to the art school of the town. Even if for some it seems a minor step, but I have no doubt that if there are more such actions, our lives will improve noticeably.

Each of us wants to live in a beautiful and neat city with good roads and developed infrastructure, we want to live in houses with cozy yards and clean entrances. All these conditions are provided by different people and structures, but, first of all, the level of comfort of our cities depends on us, on our actions and attitude towards others,” said the Chairman of the People’s Council.

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