Denis Pushilin hands over monetary payments to employees of enterprises with interim administration

On June 14, at the initiative of the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko, a one-time monetary payment was made to the employees of the Gorlovka state enterprise “Stirol” and the Yenakiyevo “Invest-trans” company, which had been placed under receivership.

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the Head of the Central Executive Committee of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” Denis Pushilin, the Head of the parliamentary faction “Donetsk Republic” Alexander Kostenko, deputies of the DPR People’s Council Vyacheslav Tikhonenkov, Yuri Pokintelitsa and Alexander Bykadorov participated in the events.

Denis Pushilin described the aims and objectives of the “Donetsk Republic” during an interview with the personnel of “Stirol”.

ʺBeing aside, criticizing, pointing out mistakes and giving advice is easier than taking responsibility. The public movement “Donetsk Republic” is a community of people, activists who are not afraid to take the initiative into their own hands. We had to take responsibility, and during the building of our state we certainly made mistakes, but, as we all know, only the one who makes no mistakes, does nothing.

We still have many difficulties, but we will overcome them with confidence. Our number, the number of social movements, is over 170 thousand. We are together and we will beat the odds,ʺ the parliamentarian speaker said.

According to Alexander Kostenko, adequate support will soon be provided to citizens who need assistance.

ʺToday’s event takes place under the patronage of the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. Thanks to the initiative of the Head of the Republic, the employees of “Stirol” will receive one-time monetary payments.

The leadership of the Republic makes every possible and impossible effort to ensure that all those who need it are assisted,ʺ the Head of the parliamentarian faction “Donetsk Republic” said.

According to one of the employees of “Stirol” Vitaly Vlassik, the Ukrainian side has frozen wage payments to the work collective since January 2017.

ʺI have worked here for 10 years. I began to work as a fitter and have now moved on to the position of a subforeman. Today I received financial assistance in the amount of 10, 000 roubles from the public movement “Donetsk Republic”.

I want to thank you for your timely assistance. It is tough times now, and when you are a father of three children, it is even more difficult: more anxiety, more responsibility, more minor problems, and in addition to all that Ukraine has stopped paying us wages since January,ʺ Vitaly Vlassik said.

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