Denis Pushilin: In Ukraine, anyone can be named ‘accomplice of Kremlin’ and accused of terrorism (video)

At the moment, the exchange by the formula “all for all” is impossible, because literally the next day after the adoption of the agreements, new detainees appear on both sides, the Chairman of the People’s Council, the Permanent Plenipotentiary representative of the DPR at the talks of the Contact Group in Minsk Denis Pushilin said in the “Informally” programme on the “Oplot TV” TV channel.

“Sabotage groups are constantly working on our territory, and our law enforcement bodies detain them. On the Ukrainian side, the situation is different: there any person can be named “an accomplice of the Kremlin”, of terrorists, the DPR, the LPR. Anyone can be accused of anything, including political crimes. And if weapons, ammunition, are planted on a person, then they will already go on with a heavy article.

As for the negotiations of the Contact Group, if there is no Viktor Medvedchuk there, it all boils down to the attempts of PR by Irina Gerashchenko. Any progress in the negotiations, any clarification of the lists is possible only if Victor Medvedchuk is present. I can call Irina Gerashchenko a wrecker both in relation to the prisoners on both sides, and for Ukraine as a whole,” the plenipotentiary representative said.

In addition, during the airtime, Denis Pushilin reported on the activities of the Russian Centre, which he chairs.

“The Head of the Republic set the task before us: to intensify the integration processes of the Donbass with Russia. The integration programme, which functioned earlier, was quite successful, and now it has moved to the next stage, taking into account new tasks. There question, under the aegis of what this activity will be carried out, emerged, therefore, the Russian Centre was created.

Since we are not recognized, it is problematic to interact with us officially. The only international venue where we are present is “Minsk”, but practice shows that it is difficult to resolve issues there. Our citizens cannot live in a closed space. Artists, athletes and representatives of a number of other professions need to realize their potential. It is necessary that the regions of the country the friendliest to us, Russia, knew more about us,” Denis Pushilin stressed.

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